Chris Webb - Personal Profile

I have been a maker for 30 years.

Most of my sculptures have the beginnings in drawings, the drawing process is quick with strong lines drawn fast.

My sculptures are progressive, as one piece is finished, new forms are developed and explored. As a direct carver, I work quickly to remove waste stone as necessary, slowing down as the form reveals itself.

I work to music, radio 4, mugs of tea and too many snacks.

I use Portland stone, which I personally choose and collect from the quarry at Portland Bill, near Weymouth.

The finished sculptures are usually polished and as the chisel marks disappear in the final hand sanding,the sculptures seem to lose their hardness and become soft to touch,inviting the hands to caress.

I donít theorise or debate the meaning of my sculptures, they are simply about me trying to make beautiful pieces which make me smile.